We're a Green Guesthouse

We pride ourselves on being a green establishment where we recycle and re-use as much as possible.

We have the following:

  • a worm bin which provides worm ‘tea’ for our garden and indoor plants
  • a Bokashi bin, the contents of which gets added to our newest compost heap and the bokashi ‘tea’ is also used to feed our plants
    ALL foods (even cooked food and bones) can be added to a bokashi bin

We do the following:

  • recycle our glass, plastic and paper
  • much of that which cannot be recycled (polystyrene containers, elastic bands, etc) we give to various schools in the valley, who use them in their art projects
  • hang our washing outside, under cover when it rains, so very rarely need to use our electricity-chewing tumble-dryer
  • plastic tags from bread are collected & swopped for wheelchairs
  • collect corks: as corks are used in the burners of space shuttles because of its fire retardant qualities, they are good for high risk fire areas; these corks are turned into cork flooring for playrooms, reading areas and games rooms for the children who benefit from the support of the ‘Kids of the Cape‛ Fund

We kindly request you to assist us by doing the following:

  • turn off unnecessary lights
  • turn off the TV when you go out of your guest room
  • turn off the air conditioning or heating when going out your room

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